Introducing the World's First Reusable Peel Pack!

Never buy disposable peel packs for for surgical training again

More Cost-Effective Than Disposable Packs

Reuse 150+ times

Designed for Surgical Technology Schools

Reduce Waste & Save Space

Feels just like a Disposable Peel-Pack

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No Risk Guarantee

At Reusa-Peel, we stand proudly behind the durability and reliability of our product. This means if your Reusa-Peel doesn't open and seal back up 150 times as promised, we'll replace it at no cost to you! Just send it back and we’ll take care of the rest.

Interchange and Reusa-Peel anything you want!

Replace for your fitted glove size, instruments, disposables, or any other surgical supplies!

How does Reusa-Peel work?

  • Step 1:

    Line up the reusable strips

  • Step 2:

    Firmly press down the strips

  • Step 3:

    Open and repeat. It’s that easy!

Why Reusa-Peel?

Why Reusa-Peel?

Hello! We are Marshall and Tazia, the founders and driving force behind Reusa-Peel. We wanted to share with you our journey and the passion that led us to start Reusa-Peel.

Marshall has always been captivated to turn his ideas into something real and meaningful. During our surgical technology training, there was a shortage of disposable peel-packs. This led to us and some of our classmates feeling unprepared to open surgical supplies in the operating room. He knew it was time to turn his idea into action, and with Tazia’s help, Reusa-Peel was born. 

At Reusa-Peel, our mission is to have every student feeling prepared and confident to open sterile supplies. We believe that all students should be able to practice opening supplies as much as they need. This belief was the inspiration to make a durable, easy-to-use, reusable surgical peel-pack for training. Otherwise known as Reusa-Peel, the world's first reusable peel-pack.

What sets us apart is our commitment to students and their ability to practice with their Reusa-Peel anytime, anywhere. Unlike the limited supply of surgical peel-packs in most schools, which confines practice to the classroom, Reusa-Peel is designed to be used 150+ times. This allows students the freedom to practice from home, ensuring they enter the operating room feeling confident in their abilities.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we are just getting started. We couldn’t have done it without help, and we thank everyone involved in helping us with this process. We’re excited to see where Reusa-Peel takes us in the future and what positive impacts it can have.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we can help students feel like their most confident, competent selves entering the operating room. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or just want to chat. 

Marshall and Tazia 

Why Us

Why Us

Reduces Medical Waste


Resembles Opening a Sterile Peel-Pack

Easy to Store

Practice Opening any Surgical Supply


Made for Surgical Technology Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many times can I use the Reusa-Peel packs?

Our Reusa-Peels are guaranteed 150 times opening and resealing! However, most of our customers say they last longer if cared for!

Can I clean my Reusa-Peel?

Yes! If debris accidentally gets in between the sealing mechanism of your Reusa-peel, you can easily wipe down the reusable strips clean with a damp washcloth. Your Reusa-peel is conveniently water-resistant for easy cleaning and to improve durability and life expectancy.

What is the refund policy?

With our No Risk Guarantee, if your Reusa-Peel fails to reseal 150 times, send it back and get a brand new one at no cost to you! Please email with any issues.

Does Reusa-Peel feel like a real peel pack?

Reusa-peel was designed specifically for surgical training and very closely mimics the feel of a disposable peel pack. This product also uses the same medical-grade materials used on disposable peel packs in surgery, so it looks as possible to a disposable peel pack.

How does Reusa-Peel help my students be more prepared?

Reusa-peel was designed by a surgical technologist for surgical technology students to address the problem of students not feeling prepared to open sterile supplies. Because Reusa-peel can be used 150+ times, students can practice as much as their heart desires!

Does Reusa-Peel help save schools money?

Reusa-peel helps save money because one reusable peel pack is equivalent to 150+ disposable peel packs. Enjoy the savings as well as all the other benefits.

Does Reusa-Peel create less waste?

Every year, there are more than 5 million tons of waste just from medical supplies alone.  Reusa-peel does not solve this problem but significantly helps to reduce the waste that disposable peel packs contribute to each year.

Why does my Reusa-Peel have micro tears on the reusable strips after I use it?

Little tears on the reusable strips are completely normal and are just part of the aging process for Reusa-Peels. However, it's important to note that these micro-tears typically have little impact on your peel pack's sealing and opening functionality, so please continue your practice!

Reusa-Peel Classroom Set

$650.00 USD