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Reusa-Peel Classroom Set

Reusa-Peel Classroom Set

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Welcome to your customizable Reusa-Peel classroom set! Customize your order by selecting the quantity of student packs needed for your class using the plus and minus bars below. Each student should have one pack!

In each student pack, you'll find:

  • x1 small-sized Reusa-Peel (Size of Surgical Suture)
  • x1 medium-sized Reusa-Peel (Size of Protexis™ Gloves)
  • x1 large-sized Reusa-Peel (Size of Biogel® Gloves)
  • x1 Bonus Surgical Suture!
  • x2 Bonus Surgical Gloves!
  • x1 Free resealable pouch to keep your student's Reusa-Peels safe!

This makes sure every student has all they need to peel-pack items of different shapes and sizes!

If you have a purchase order or need vendor approval documents, please email

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